Pastor's Point

One day some years ago I was driving to work and began to feel myself getting frustrated. I have never been credited with an abundance of patience, but I tend to get even more “touchy” in traffic. It started out civil enough, I was even singing Christian worship songs along with the radio. That didn’t last long.  My mood change was sudden and dramatic enough that my body was sending me warning signals – finger taps on the steering wheel, a twitching and bouncing left knee, the occasional grunt or exasperated sigh even escaped my lips – I’m sure you get the picture.

As I verbally lit up “idiot” drivers all around me (remarkable how brave we are behind all that plastic and glass), I heard that iconic, “Jesus Take the Wheel” tune by Carrie Underwood playing on the radio. As I sang the words to the song I became acutely aware that I had taken my focus and attitude away from Jesus that morning. I am certain that Jesus used the opportunity. It was if He were pointing directly at the steering wheel that morning and saying, “Hey man…I was using that.”

That reminded me just how easy it is to slip back into that selfish side we all carry. It doesn’t do us or anyone else watching any good to see us compromise what a real Christian is all about. Following Jesus works best when we make that decision to glorify Him each morning as we start our day. And when we ask Jesus to “take the wheel”, we are less tempted to grab it back in a moment of weakness.

Love God, Love People, Teach His Word